Like, Share & Talk With Us! - Mendoza's Social Media Sites

Author: Tim Ponisciak

Social Media Feature

Do you want to hear more about Mendoza news than just from the newsletter? Make sure to follow Mendoza's various social media accounts. This is a great way to not just get your news, but to also see more about student life!

Here are some of the key sites to follow: 


Mendoza Graduate Alumni Accounts: 

Twitter: @gradalum 

Facebook: Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business Graduate Alumni 

Twitter Png32


Mendoza College Accounts:

Facebook: University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business

Twitter: @NDBusiness 

Youtube: Notre Dame Business 

ND MBA Accounts:

Facebook: Notre Dame MBA 


Instagram: Notre Dame MBA 

Twitter: @nd_mba


Notre Dame Executive Education:

LinkedIn: Notre Dame Executive Education 


Of course, when you are posting about your classmates, reunions and other get togethers, make sure to use #NDMendoza and find your post on the Mendoza social media wall!