Not nice guys, but cowards, finish last

Author: Robert Kiyosaki

The following is an excerpt from a CNN article that discusses Management Professor Tim Judge’s research on how agreeable workers earn significantly lower incomes than less agreeable ones. To read the entire article visit: Not nice guys, but cowards, finish last

I remember sitting down in front of my rich dad to show him the financials for my nylon and Velcro wallet business. I was 32 years old and the business had taken off quicker than I'd ever imagined. I had more than 380 independent sales reps. Sales were soaring, and our product was in demand.

I was also young, inexperienced and running the company into the ground.

As my rich dad studied the company's financial statement, I sat nervously, knowing that things weren't good. I should explain here that the man I refer to as "rich dad" was my best friend Mike's father and the man who would not only become my mentor but serve as a counterpoint to my real dad, whom I refer to as "poor dad." Having two "dads" taught me that there are always two points of view ... in the world of money and in life. Rich dad made his fortune in real estate, and his investments made him one of the richest men in Hawaii.