What do college football fans need? Answers.

Author: Alan Dell

The following article mentions Finance Professor Richard Sheehan and the formula he used to determine the hourly wages for athletes.  To read the entire article visit: Q: What do college football fans need? A: Answers.

Answers provided are open to scrutiny and ridicule; Author not available for flogging.

Will the scandal at Ohio State change college football?

Doesn’t seem likely. Since the 1990s, Alabama, Auburn, Miami and Southern California were punished and received probation, then went on to win national championships. Banning teams from television and bowl games is not used much anymore because it negatively affects the market value of television contracts. Taking away scholarships looks good, and strong programs can survive a little disruption in recruiting. So despite a lot of rhetoric, don’t expect much.

To best sum it up, here is a quote from former NCAA Director Walter Byers: “College athletes don’t need more rules. They need new freedoms.”

Can a college football scandal turn out to be a good thing for a school?

All we have to do is turn back the clock to 1984, when Florida head coach Charlie Pell was fired after being hit with 59 NCAA violations. Galen Hall replaced him and stayed until 1989, when he was forced to resign amid another scandal. Steve Spurrier came in and turned the Gators into the national power they are today.

What is the worst college football scandal of all time?