Mendoza School of Business

5 steps to integrate a business’ security solutions

Published: October 29, 2018 / Author: Mike Chapple

Mike Chapple, academic director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Mendoza College of Business, wrote a BizTech piece on integrating business security tools.

Your organization probably has a diverse set of security tools working to help reduce your risk profile and combat active threats. You might have a vulnerability scanner seeking out unpatched systems, an intrusion prevention system monitoring network traffic, a firewall controlling the border, and a threat intelligence vendor feeding you current information about the adversary.

But how well do these tools work with each other? If you’re like many of us, these tools may exist in silos only to be linked together by the work of cybersecurity analysts. One of the best ways to quickly improve the efficiency of your team is to build integrations between security tools, allowing them to work in harmony while minimizing user intervention.