Mendoza School of Business

And Counting

After more than 50 years at Notre Dame, accounting professor Ken Milani’s popular classes and personal connections keep adding up.

Published: February 20, 2024 / Author: Notre Dame Magazine

accountancy professor ken milani teaching in a classroom.

For Milani, the numbers an accountant gathers are just a way to better understand and help people. Photo by Matt Cashore ’94

“Did you learn something right now? I can tell people are learning something here,” professor Ken Milani remarks to his accounting class on a Tuesday afternoon in the Mendoza College of Business. Every seat in Milani’s coveted section of Accountancy II is filled with attentive students. The professor moves about the room, reviewing the weekend homework assignment, calling on students to answer questions and joking about the chances of the Cubs winning another World Series.

Milani scatters sports references throughout his explanations. He connects, for example, the day’s lesson about determining fixed and variable costs to Notre Dame’s football stadium. Fixed costs, he explains, are associated with maintaining the stadium, no matter how many people attend the game. Variable costs, like the number of concessions sold, depend on attendance.

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