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Apple, iPhone Enter the Post-Jobs Era

Published: September 6, 2011 / Author: James Rogers

The following is an excerpt from The Street that quotes Management Professor Mike Mannor about the new iPhone launch with new Apple CEO Tim Cook. To read the entire article visit: Apple, iPhone Enter the Post-Jobs Era

These are momentous times at Apple. Just a couple of weeks after Steve Jobs stepped down, new CEO Tim Cook gets to launch a major product: the iPhone 5.

What can investors expect from the new iPhone launch, rumored to be imminent? Initial speculation tagged Sep. 7 as a potential launch date, although this now seems unlikely. Apple, however, typically debuts a major product in the late summer/early fall.

With Apple under increasing pressure from a deluge of Google Android devices, the stakes are high for the new iPhone, said Sandeep Aggarwal, an analyst at research firm Digital Route.


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