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Are Ministers Happy? Study To Examine Well-Being Of Clergy

Published: July 15, 2011 / Author: Mendoza College

The Pension Fund of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ) through the Ministry Life Choices Initiative at Lexington
Theological Seminary is pleased to announce its partnership with
the Flourishing in Ministry Project and Dr. Matt Bloom.  

The Flourishing in Ministry Project focuses on the emotional
welfare of clergy and their families. The goal of the project is to discover
what makes pastors tick — and what ticks them off — in order to better
understand how to bring joy to those who work so hard to bring it to others.
 The project is another step in the work of University of Notre Dame
Management Associate Professor Matt
Bloom, who in 2009 was awarded a
five-year, $500,000 Lilly Endowment grant to study the sense of well-being at
work among people in the caring professions.  

In Phase I of the study to specifically examine the
well-being of clergy, Dr. Bloom will survey a cross-section of Disciples clergy
regarding life and ministry. In Phase II, Dr. Bloom will conduct interviews
with a targeted group of Indiana clergy.

“We want to understand well-being at a really
deep level, rather than just forming a few survey questions,” said Bloom,
who has worked with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Presbyterian Church ( U.S.A.),
and the United Methodist Church. “We are trying to understand what
constitutes well-being for clergy.  What are the factors that shape it?
What are the outcomes?”  

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