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Aspen Institute ranks MBA program No. 5 for stewardship

Published: October 10, 2007 / Author: Carol Newswriting

The master of business administration (MBA) program in the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame is ranked No. 5 worldwide in the Aspen Institute’s new “Beyond Grey Pinstripes” survey.

The biennial survey, released today, rates the top 30 business schools from among 600 full-time MBA programs. The ranking is based on how effectively the program and faculty prepare students in business issues related to social and environmental stewardship.

“Business is probably the most powerful force in shaping the opportunities and quality of life in a society,” said Carolyn Woo, Martin J. Gillen Dean of the College. “Our mission is not just to prepare students to succeed, but to succeed in the right way, to contribute to the common good as we keep faith with our founding mission.”

Notre Dame’s MBA program, which also earned a fifth-place ranking in the Aspen Institute’s 2005 survey, was cited for the pervasiveness of social, ethical and environmental issues included throughout the program, beginning at orientation and continuing through the core curriculum, elective courses and ongoing activities.

“In the ‘Beyond Grey Pinstripes’ survey, success is measured not by how much new MBA graduates earn or how many offers they get,” said Judith Samuelson, executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, “but by how well prepared they are to guide a company through the complex relationship of business and society, where issues relating to the environment or the well-being of a community can impact a company’s performance and reputation.”

The Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing leaders for a sustainable global society. The complete ranking of the “Beyond Grey Pinstripes 2007-2008 Global 100” can be found at



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