Mendoza School of Business

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Women in Business Association

Published: May 1, 2005 / Author: Mendoza Writer

This year’s winner of both the Academic Club of the Year and the Overall Club of the Year Award is the Undergraduate Women in Business Association. As the newest business related organization on campus, the club has made a tremendous start. They have successfully served the female student community of the Mendoza College of Business by providing many resources that will better prepare them for careers in the future. Their events include multiple panel discussions, a talk with Dean Woo, two seminars, a fashion show, and a luncheon with a prominent accounting firm.

Club advisor Sharon Keane was recognized as Club Advisor of the Year.

The officers demonstrated their commitment and creativity all year. They fought to establish the club after initially being denied, demonstrated its viability throughout the probationary semester and managed numerous, meaningful events on the $100 the University provided. The budget request for next year was fully approved and the club is planning an active year.

The announcement was made at the Eighth Annual Club Awards Banquet on April 26, 2005.


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