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Does Your Office Have a Bully?

Published: August 5, 2013 / Author: Jen Luckwaldt

Kids look forward to growing up for two main reasons: eating ice cream for lunch whenever they want, and the end of dealing with school bullies. The only problem is, a recent study shows that bullying doesn’t necessarily stop when we graduate.

Researchers at University of Notre Dame in Indiana and Michigan State University surveyed 114 healthcare workers to see how often their coworkers bullied them. Other participants at the same facility then examined digital photos of the workers to determine which, in their opinion, were most attractive.

The coworkers who were rated least attractive were also the coworkers who reported being bullied the most, where bullying was defined as teasing, making hurtful statements, or being rude.

“We’re more influenced by attractiveness than we are willing to admit,” study author Dr. Timothy Judge told the Wall Street Journal. “We act on those perceptions in ways that are hurtful.”

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