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Economist gives ND MBA top ratings for ‘potential to network’

Published: March 6, 2014 / Author: Carol Elliott

The University of Notre Dame MBA
program at the Mendoza College
of Business
ranks No. 6 for “potential to network” among top global
business schools, according to The Economist’s “Which MBA?” survey. The Notre
Dame MBA program also earned a ranking of No. 3 among top U.S. schools for
“extent/helpfulness of the alumni network” based on student ratings.

The results are part of The Economist’s 2013 “Which MBA?”
ranking released in October, which considered a range of criteria such as
salary data, opening new career opportunities, quality of education and
potential to network. (The full ranking and methodology can be found here.)

The publication subsequently created a sub-ranking of the
criteria “potential to network,” which is determined for each school by its
scores in three areas: the ratio of registered alumni to current students (the more
alumni per student, the better); the number of countries in which a school has
an alumni chapter; and students’ own perceptions of the effectiveness of the
school’s alumni network.

The Notre Dame alumni network currently has more than
134,000 members in 267 clubs, 40 of which are international.

“We appreciate the survey’s recognition of the Notre Dame
alumni network, because the alums’ contributions to our program are truly
amazing,” said Mary Goss,
senior director of the Notre Dame MBA. “Networking for employment purposes is
definitely a part of this, but their passion for Notre Dame, their loyalty and
personal dedication to helping those who come after them extends far beyond the
job market. There’s a sense of community that is comprehensive and lifelong.”

The Notre Dame MBA—ranked
26th among U.S. schools and 38th globally in the overall “Which MBA?”
survey—offers an accelerated one-year program as well as the traditional
two-year format. The program is noted for its innovative teaching in the area
of problem solving and for its emphasis on personal and corporate ethics as
well as social responsibility. Signature offerings include Business on the
Frontlines, a course that includes a field study of re-starting economies in
post-conflict countries; and Ten Years Hence, a lecture series that brings in
top experts from a wide variety of industries to discuss trends in the coming

The program is ranked No. 20 on Bloomberg Businessweek’s “The Best B-Schools MBA Programs (2012)”
and No. 27 on U.S. News & World
2014 ranking of top U.S. business schools.

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