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Hacking Group LulzSec Denies Arrest Report

Published: June 7, 2011 / Author: Mathew Schwartz

The following is an
excerpt from that quotes
John D’Arcy, assistant
professor of information technology management about
the hacking attack on Sony Corp.  To read
the article visit:
 Hacking Group LulzSec Denies Arrest Report.

The hacking group, also known as the Lulz Boat, claims credit for releasing
Sony’s developer network source code on Monday, recently exposing one million
Sony passwords, hacking PBS with fake news, and also releasing passwords for
members of the FBI partner organization InfraGard’s Atlanta branch. The latter
was in response to government plans to classify some types of cyber attacks as
acts of war.

But according to an anonymous post, submitted via a Hushmail account, to the
Full Disclosure mailing list on Monday, law enforcement agencies are finally
closing in. “One of them is already in FBI custody, and the rest are
probably about to follow him.” The poster named the arrested hacker as New
York resident Robert Cavanaugh, “alias xyz, alias ev0.” The post also
contained an alleged transcript from an IRC chat channel used by LulzSec, in
which one of the participants urges the others to leave the chat channel.
“This is serious, military hackers trying to hack us.”

In a statement released on Monday, however, LulzSec said that the arrest
reports were untrue, or at least not related to the group. “Also, ‘ev0’,
who was allegedly arrested (?) was never a part of LulzSec or in fact the
subcrew. We don’t even know who he is,” it said.


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