Mendoza School of Business

It’s time to take culture seriously

Published: April 24, 2018 / Author: Chief Executive

Christopher Adkins, the Rex and Alice Martin Director of the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, was interviewed for a story on changing corporate culture and the importance of empathy that appeared in Chief Executive magazine. Adkins is also an associate teaching professor in the Management & Organization Department at Mendoza College of Business. Read the full story here

Teaching empathy lies at the core of most of his classes. “Empathy can be so misunderstood. Most people equate it with sympathy and compassion. Yet empathy is the core skill for understanding each other. The effort to see and feel as others do helps us ‘stand-under’ another’s experience. And while we may not be able to fully see and feel as another, such efforts send the signal that we value the other’s point of view – and this is the foundation for trust.”