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ND TEC Director Martin Joins State Center’s Data Technology & Practices Panel

Published: August 9, 2023 / Author: Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center

Kirsten Martin, the director of the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC) and a nationally recognized expert in privacy, technology, and business ethics, has joined the Data Technology & Practices Panel at the Center for State Enforcement of Antitrust and Consumer Protection Laws.


Kirsten Martin

The State Center, as it’s known, is a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to enhance consumer welfare by supporting the fair, effective, and vigorous enforcement of antitrust and consumer protection laws at the state level.

As part of this work, it offers grants that make experts available to state attorney general offices for free, initial consultation when they are considering bringing action against corporations. These individuals are organized into several different groups based on their areas of research.

On the Data Technology & Practices Panel, Martin will consult on issues related to the collection, retention, and use of consumer data. She is one of five members of the panel, which also includes Jennifer King of Stanford University, Arvind Narayanan of Princeton University, and Alan Mislove and Christo Wilson, both of Northeastern University.

The 2023–24 academic year will mark Martin’s third year as director of ND TEC. The William P. and Hazel B. White Center Professor of Technology Ethics at Notre Dame, she is also a professor of IT, analytics, and operations in the University’s Mendoza College of Business and recently completed a five-year term on the board of directors of the Society for Business Ethics.

Martin has written about privacy and the ethics of technology in leading academic journals across disciplines—including the Journal of Business EthicsBEQ, the Harvard Journal of Law & TechnologyThe Journal of Legal StudiesWashington University Law Review, and the Journal of Business Research—as well as practitioner publications such as MISQ Executive. Her The Ethics of Data and Analytics, a first-of-its-kind textbook that bridges the gap between traditional business ethics and the particular moral hurdles introduced by data analytics, was published by Taylor & Francis in 2022.

Originally posted on ND Tec News.