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MBA Q&A: Notre Dame Dean Roger Huang

Published: March 6, 2013 / Author: Erin Zlomek

After holding the title of interim dean for more than a year, Roger Huang was officially named dean of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business last week. Huang, a Wharton PhD, has been teaching at Mendoza since 2000.

Mendoza is unique among business schools in that it started offering a masters degree in nonprofit administration in 1954, long before it introduced a traditional MBA in 1967. That early nonprofit influence is evident in its programs today: Classes are led by lecturers such as Roxanne Spillett, former president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. And students rate the school highly for its focus on ethics. Huang spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek’s Erin Zlomek about what lies ahead for the school now that the interim tag has been stripped from his title. Below are edited excerpts of the conversation.

Several business schools have rolled out social enterprise programs in recent years, and many of those include nonprofit management courses. How will you keep your coursework relevant amid all the new offerings?

We have the history that new programs will not have, and both our coverage and network [are] broad and deep. For example, the director of our nonprofit administration program is the former president of Catholic Charities USA—that organization is huge, and his network is far-reaching. That’s the level of connections we have. We are constantly learning as the market changes, and our courses are constantly being updated. We also learn a lot from the speakers we bring in.

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