Mendoza School of Business

MBA Student Perspective: Kevin Gore

Published: June 19, 2019 / Author: Kevin Gore

While I foresaw the value of a Mendoza MBA, I was broadsided by something totally unexpected: While I saw that many other schools were self-referential, I chose Notre Dame because I believed in her mission to impact the world for good through business. I deeply desire to better the world around me, and what better way than surrounded with staff, administration and colleagues with that same drive?

I had heard about the strong alumni network, about the personalized approach, about the beautiful campus, about the academics and intimate class sizes, about the opportunities to give back that Mendoza offers. In retrospect those are all true, but I since discovered an element of the MBA experience that would have made my decision so much easier.

I arrived at business school with lofty goals, ready to roll up my sleeves and fight for what I felt would best position me to leave my mark on society. I thought I knew everything that Notre Dame offers to help me achieve those goals, but I didn’t anticipate Mendoza’s number one success factor. I have been floored by the generosity of my classmates.

The class of 2019 has poured countless hours into my success. From interview preparation to networking events, from advice to instruction, the second year MBA’s have made a significant contribution to my future. When I texted a shout out to the group thanking them for their overwhelming help, I received a simple response: “We are ND.”

As a prospective student, give Notre Dame a hard look. Know that the 2020 class is already planning how we will welcome you, how we will give back to you, how we will pass on all that we have learned in our onboarding, classes, job interviews, and internships. When you are accepted to Mendoza, you will find yourself surrounded by champions of your goals. Far from cutthroat, well beyond collaborative, Notre Dame is family.

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