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MBA Student Perspective – Mary Coghlin

Published: August 16, 2019 / Author: Mary Coghlin

When asked why we chose Notre Dame for our MBA, many of my fellow classmates will share that they had heard through conversations with students and alumni about the unparalleled professional network, the focus on ethics in business and the generosity of the Notre Dame family. Their research pointed them toward Mendoza, and they trusted that it would live up to the reputation. My decision process was a little different, as I did not have to wonder about whether Mendoza was the “real deal.” I knew, without a doubt, that all of this was true.

Woman outside smiling in front of fall yellow tree.This certainty came from my own experience as a Mendoza undergraduate alumna, enrolling in 2010 and realizing the full power of the Notre Dame community throughout my time on campus and in my career.  As an undergrad, I was exposed to the MBA program through multiple touchpoints. I was able to take courses from professors that taught in the MBA program and I interacted with current and former MBAs to learn about their experience. I also felt the power of the Notre Dame network as an alumna while in the workforce. When looking to make a change early in my career, Notre Dame alumni helped me identify the right role and mentor me within the new company I joined. Notre Dame alumni welcomed me as family and went out of their way to help me develop as a professional and as a person. I have felt blessed to be part of this community and embraced the times I was able to help other members of the Notre Dame family.

When I decided that I wanted to develop professionally through an MBA, I knew that Notre Dame was the right choice for me. Having already experienced the community that is so willing to give to others and focus on doing good through business, I was excited to experience Mendoza in ways unique to the MBA program.

This year, my expectations have been exceeded, and the program has provided opportunities specific to a Notre Dame MBA that have made my time back on campus outstanding. The focus on experiential learning, such as Interterm and case competitions, has allowed me and my classmates to put our classroom education into practice. The core team structure during the first semester allowed us to learn from our fellow classmates while pushing us to expand our own skill sets. Through MBA academic clubs, such as Women in Business and Marketing Club, I feel supported and have an avenue to contribute to the MBA community through various events, outreach, and professional opportunities.

When choosing Notre Dame for my MBA, I was confident that it would deliver upon the aspects of an MBA program that were important to me: a strong community, outstanding academic and professional opportunities, and a focus on business as a force for good.  I am grateful to say that it has far exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend the program to prospective students.

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