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Members of hacker group Anonymous arrested in Spain in connection to Sony hack

Published: June 13, 2011 / Author: Devin Brown

 Is this the beginning of the end for hacktivism?

Not quite, but authorities in Spain made headway in putting a wrench in the group Anonymous’ illegal hacking as three alleged members were taken into custody Friday.

As reported by Reuters, “they are structured in independent cells and make thousands of simultaneous attacks using infected ‘zombie’ computers worldwide. This is why NATO considers them a threat to the military alliance,” the police said in a statement.

(quote by John D’Arcy)

In a statement to, Professor of IT management at Notre Dame University, John D’Arcy, noted, “This will have little overall impact in terms of the slowing down the hacking group. Historically, hackers have received very light sentences (compared to other convicted felons) and often times these cases get hung up in courts because there is little in terms of legal precedent for computer-type crimes.”

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