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Mendoza considers possibility of capping future enrollment in business programs

Published: February 11, 2011 / Author: Melissa Flanagan

The recent surge in enrollment in the Mendoza College of Business may lead to the employment of an algorithm that will limit the number of students who may declare each major in the college, Assistant Dean Samuel Gaglio said.

An algorithm has been in place for the past three years but the college has not yet had to force students to take their second choice of major. Gaglio said some of the majors, such as finance, are currently close to their capacity.

Senior A.J. McGauley, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, said he is concerned about students leaving Mendoza if they are not able to study their first choice. McGauley said the college denied an appeals process he suggested.

“They refused to set up an appeals process on the premise that if you set it up, everyone will use it,” he said. “I completely understand, but from my point of view, I’m trying to defend the students.”

McGauley said while the committee does not agree with all aspects of the algorithm, they recognize it is the only solution under current circumstances.

“We need to have the problem of over-enrollment actually manifest before we can start dealing with long-term solutions,” McGauley said.

The college will determine whether the algorithm will be used next year after current sophomores in Mendoza declare their majors by Feb. 18.

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