Mendoza School of Business

Mendoza’s New Biz Program: No Experience Needed

Published: February 15, 2013 / Author: Geoff Gloeckler

Starting in June, Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business will begin offering a one-year master of science in business (MSB) aimed at recent college graduates with degrees in disciplines other than business and little to no work experience.

In the three-semester master’s offering, students will take courses in subjects like accounting, finance, and general management. The program will be bookended with two “bridge” courses where students will be asked to apply their unique skills and the business concepts they learn to a series of case studies. “History majors are going to look at things differently than a science major or a humanities major,” says Brian Lohr, director of MBA and MSB admissions at Mendoza. “We don’t want to downplay their different backgrounds. We want to embrace them.”

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