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ND to offer scholarships

Published: July 3, 2010 / Author: Mendoza College

The University of Notre Dame’s nonprofit business degree program is partnering with the Peace Corps to offer financial help to volunteers returning from service.

The university’s master of nonprofit administration program, housed in the Mendoza College of Business, will provide a scholarship of $10,500 to one returning Peace Corps volunteer accepted into the program beginning with the summer 2011 class.

The partnership is part of the Peace Corps Fellows/USA program, which offers financial benefits such as scholarships, reduced tuition and university credit in advanced degree programs at more than 50 participating colleges and universities. Mendoza will be the first business school to offer a master’s degree to participants in the Fellows/USA program.

Oct. 1 is the deadline to apply for the Peace Corps’ Fellows/USA program. For details, see: 

The Peace Corps is an American volunteer organization dedicated to promoting peace and cultural understanding through service projects around the world.


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