Mendoza School of Business

New study found correlation between executive stock options and product safety

Published: September 15, 2015 / Author: Michal Addady

Researchers conducted a study at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business that found a significant correlation between substantial executive stock options and future product recalls, according to Notre Dame’s website.

CEOs with abundant stock options get a huge payoff when the company performs well but endure minute consequences when it doesn’t. As a result, those executives tend to be much riskier and more aggressive in their decision-making. They become less thorough, increasing the probability that there will be mistakes in the design, production, and/or distribution of products.

Adam Wowak, one of the researchers, clarifies the findings:

“This isn’t to say that CEO options are always the culprit when product recalls occur, but our findings suggest that recalls can potentially be an unintended consequence of using options to motivate risk-taking in CEOs.”

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