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Nice Guys Finish Second, Women Finish Last

Published: August 15, 2011 / Author: Stephanie Pappas

Nice guys don’t get ahead in
salary negotiations, but they don’t finish last either, a new study finds. That
position is left for women, whether or not they’re nice.

with disagreeable personalities outearn men with agreeable personalities by
about 18 percent, according to research to be published this fall in the
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Disagreeable women, on the other
hand, earn only about 5 percent more than their sweet and gentle counterparts.

may be because people judge no-nonsense women more harshly than no-nonsense
men, said study researcher Timothy Judge of the University of Notre Dames’
Mendoza College of Business. The new research also found that disagreeable
women were less likely to be recommended for a promotion than disagreeable men.

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