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Nike, HP, Mcdonalds execs create future biz trends- “Will big business destroy or save the world?”

Published: March 1, 2005 / Author: Mendoza College

Lenox , MA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 11, 2005 — In the new spring issue of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, on newsstands now, human development consultant and noted author Dr. Elizabeth Debold interviews some of the most prominent and progressive corporate executives and systems change gurus from corporations such as Nike, Hewlett Packard, McDonald’s, and Good Technology, Inc., who are struggling to evolve the corporate machine.

The 32-page in-depth feature article, “The Business of Saving the World,” explores the innovative strategies and revolutionary changes that are transforming today’s business practices and birthing the emergence of a new business consciousness. What would it take, Debold asks, for large corporations to become a force for global transformation?

“Organizations don’t change, people do,” declares Michael Rennie, corporate change consultant at McKinsey & Company. All of the experts and visionaries Debold spoke with agree that the system needs to change but so does the corporate leadership. “The problem is on our own level of consciousness,” says Debold. “Without realizing it, most of us are caught up in the same mechanistic mindset that invented the modern corporation. That mindset has created our sense of separation from each other and from the living systems of which we are a part.”

What will it take to create a shift of consciousness in business? Courageous individuals and corporate leaders willing to risk liberating their own minds from this mechanistic thinking, asserts Debold. “The leadership we need next cannot try to escape the complexity of the world but has to develop a capacity for effectiveness that acknowledges that the fundamental reality is one of inherent unity,” says Leo Burke, Director of Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. “That’s why the primary revolution that we need is a spiritual revolution as opposed to a political or an economic one.”

Debold believes that only a shift of consciousness in pioneering individuals will insure that responsibility to the “whole” becomes part of capitalism’s mandate. In this new paradigm, large business organizations would become vehicles for a new kind of consciousness. And many believe this consciousness would create the context for innovative global solutions to the perennial human problems of poverty, inequality, and justice. Debold concludes that this transformation has the potential to revolutionize the capitalist system and literally invent a new world. The question is: Will we do it?

Some of the featured corporate leaders in “The Business of Saving the World” include:

* Rob Glaser, CEO, RealNetworks, Inc.
* Mats Lederhausen, Managing Director, McDonald’s Ventures
* Joel Jewitt, Founder, Good Technology, Inc
* Debra L. Dunn, Vice-President, Hewlett-Packard
* Darcy Winslow, Global General Manager, Nike, Inc.
* Walter Robb, Co-President, Whole Foods Market
* Tex Gunning, President, Unilever Bestfoods Asia
* Roger Saillant, CEO, Plug Power, Inc.

Some of the featured business consultants in “The Business of Saving the World” include:

* Peter Senge, consultant, NY Times best-selling author, The Fifth Discipline
* Bob Hinkley, corporate attorney, former partner at Skadden Arps
* Michael Rennie, McKinsey & Company Consulting
* Brian Bacon, President, Oxford Leadership Academy
* Joseph Jaworski, Founder, Generon Consulting
* Michael Braungart, consultant, co-author, Cradle to Cradle

Dr. Elizabeth Debold has explored a wide variety of leading-edge trends in the field of conscious evolution and human psychology, including co-authoring the best-selling book, Mother Daughter Revolution. She has been a frequently invited speaker and guest on programs such as Oprah and Good Morning America. She is currently a senior editor at What Is Enlightenment? magazine.

What Is Enlightenment? magazine was founded by Andrew Cohen in 1991. It is published quarterly by What Is Enlightenment? Press, a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to a revolution in human consciousness and culture. WIE also sponsors the Voices from the Edge speakers series which offers an annual calendar of lectures and seminars featuring innovative thinkers and prominent leaders in various fields of expertise. WIE has an international readership of 75,000 and is celebrating its thirteenth year in print.

Dr. Debold is available for interviews and her audio interviews for “The Business of Saving the World” are available for use through Hope Cohen at 413.637.6060. To receive a review copy of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, contact Hope Cohen.


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