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No more warm-up acts for Groupon CEO Mason

Published: January 16, 2012 / Author: Joseph Cahill

The following is an excerpt from an article in Crain’s Chicago Business that quotes Finance Professor Tim Loughran on Andrew Mason, CEO of the newly public company, Groupon. To read the entire article visit: No more warm-up acts for Groupon CEO Mason

Andrew Mason’s star turn on “60 Minutes” was good fun, but he’ll make a more important appearance Feb. 8.

That’s when the former freelance computer programmer who founded Groupon Inc. a little over three years ago goes before Wall Street analysts to discuss its quarterly financial results for the first time. It’s also when he takes full ownership of the daily-deal company’s performance. As CEO of the newly public company, credit and blame stop with him.

Until a hype-swollen initial public offering last fall made Chicago-based Groupon one of the most closely watched companies on the planet, Mr. Mason shared the spotlight with Executive Chairman Eric Lefkofsky. Not anymore. When a company goes public, all eyes turn to the CEO.


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