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Pan Am Brand Hopes to Become a Highflier Again

Published: August 22, 2011 / Author: Brian Morrison

The following is an excerpt from an article in Advertising Age that quotes Carol Phillips on the return of Pan Am brand. To read the entire article visit: Pan Am Brand Hopes to Become a Highflier Again

Two Decades After It Left the Scene as a National Player, Iconic Airline Aims to Recapture Romance of the Jet Age.

It’s tough enough to revive an existing brand. So imagine trying to breathe life into one that largely disappeared 20 years ago.

Pan Am, the once iconic airline of the skies, is set for a brand revival as it’s featured on an upcoming fall TV show. Come September, ABC will air “Pan Am,” centered on Pan American World Airways, circa 1963. The main characters will be pilots and flight attendants played by a cast that includes Christina Ricci.
Pan Am Systems of Dover New Hampshire is the business backer behind Pan Am’s appearance in the new show. The company, which operates railways based in New England (known as Pan Am Railways), used to be known as Guilford Transportation Industries before buying Pan Am out of bankruptcy in 1998.


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