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Shaping our future

Published: March 28, 2010 / Author: Marla Rose

Crystal balls are getting quite a workout in central Ohio.

A host of groups are planning, studying, celebrating, “visioning” Columbus in 2012 … 2015 … 2020 … 2050.

There’s the 2010 Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan, which is seeking public input on what Downtown should look like in 10 years.

That would coincide with 2020 — the year that the Columbus Partnership has targeted with its Columbus 2020 economic-development plan.

Finance professor Barry Keating was quoted in the article as saying “”It’s certainly a good idea to have goals, but you have to do a solid cost-benefit analysis and have a real plan, not just goals,” Keating said. “When it comes down to it, businesses wanting to grow or relocate look for places that have good infrastructure and a good, educated work force. Those things aren’t very sexy, but success really comes down to basics.”

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