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Social Venture Plan Competition finalists announced

Published: February 15, 2005 / Author: Mendoza College

The Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and the MSA Program at the University of Notre Dame have announced the finalists for the 4th Annual Social Venture Plan Competition. The closed competition will be held in the Giovanini Commons on the Notre Dame campus on Wednesday, April 27, 2005, with the winning team being announced at the conclusion of the presentations. This year’s competition drew nineteen teams.

The finalists are:
Team # 1 – Donare Team
Contact: Sharon Bui ’02, ‘04

Donare is a team of educated, experienced, and passionate trainers with the desire to inspire companies and employees to serve in meaningful capacities. Donare translated in Latin means to give. By examining the mission statements of corporations, employee’s talents and passions, and the needs of communities, Donare will develop a customized training seminar that allows companies to serve on more meaningful and sustainable levels. Donare provides employees with the tools and directions to recognize their civic duties while also facilitating a forum for discussion and reflection. Dnoare is led by founder Sharon Bui ND ’02 ’04.

* * * 

Team #2 – Torque Team
Contact: Leon Cord Campbell ‘05
Contact E-mail: 
Team Members: Conrad Aschenbach ‘05

 Conrad Aschenbach (Engineering) and L. Cord Campbell (MBA), both 2005 graduates, developed a comprehensive plan for traditional and vocational education for high school youth in Jackson, MS Public Schools called Torque, Incorporated. Torque seeks to fill the void in public education created by reductions in government funding by preparing students for careers in the automotive industry, collegiate engineering, or small-business management. Torque is a for-profit social-venture focused on light-duty automotive maintenance and passenger vehicle wholesale business. These for-profit businesses are occupational learning labs for the students and will serve as the dominant source of funding for the students’ learning.

* * *

Team #3 – Youth Training in Peace Education
Team Contact: Patrice Broduer
Contact E-mail: 
Team Members: Matthew Warren ’07, Sarah Bier ’05, Leah McKelvey ’06, Jonathan Smith ’07, George Dzurics ’05, Shaheen Mohamed

The Youth Training in Peace Education is an international, inter-religious and inter-generational organization that aims to empower youth and young adults to take leadership in their own peace education. Our Mission is to create, expand, and sustain a free and youth-oriented website to foster the development of local curriculum worldwide, both formal and informal. Our website will promote inter-religious dialogue and conflict resolution skills that can help young people, especially those involved in religious networks in conflict areas, play a more active role as peace agents wherever they live.

* * *

Team #4 – CEI Works
Team Contact: Tim Dempsey ‘89
Contact E-mail: 
Team Members: Jeff Tassin, Matt Hodges

 Since its inception, Chattanooga Endeavors, Inc. (CEI) has been committed to developing meaningful employment opportunities for former prisoners. We are seeking now to substantially enhance our offering, double the number of men and women in our care, reduce our charitable budget by a fourth and improve our social impact four-fold. Although ambitious, these goals are not beyond our reach. By converting job-placement services at CEI to a temporary staffing firm, we will combine benefits of the non-profit and private sectors to gain a unique advantage in the market over competitors and to create new value for our organization and its stakeholders.

* * *

Team #5 – Teaching Kids Service (TKS)
Team Contact: Shanin Leeming ’06
Contact E-mail: 
Team Members: Judah Wilson ‘05

 TKS is a non-profit, after school program designed to foster and nurture an appreciation for serving one’s community. We at TKS recognize that the benefits of volunteer work are far reaching and that America ’s future generation holds tremendous power in promoting widespread social changes. It is for this reason that TKS has a twofold mission: to help today’s youth by teaching them the benefits of volunteer work (building self-esteem, as well as college applications), and changing the lives of those affected by TKS projects such as the elderly and the homeless.

* * *

Team #6 – Lil’ Sportscasters
Team Contact: Rosemary Guillette ’97, ‘03
Contact E-mail: 

 Lil’ Sportscasters is a novel program designed for 12 – 16 year old Boys and Girls Club participants who wish to develop knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of sports broadcasting. Through its unique program offerings, dedicated staff, and timeless philosophy, Lil’ Sportscasters will:

Enhance verbal and written communication skills of program participants.
Develop rapid thinking and problem solving abilities.
Challenge young people to critically examine the roles of the media and sports in American culture.
Build confidence and character through the development of unique skills and sharing of new experiences.
Change the lives of South Bend children.


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