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Spanish Police Arrest Sony PSN Hacktivists, But It Won’t Stop The Attacks: Expert

Published: June 10, 2011 / Author: Kit Eaton

Spain has pulled off a
Net security coup and arrested three men suspected of the attacks on Sony’s
PlayStation Network among others. Those arrested are local Anonymous
hacktivists. So cops have essentially whacked a hornet’s nest.

Grabbing a few
Anonymous members is unlikely to affect the overall online presence of the
group, thanks to its international membership and its protective cloak of
anonymity. The act may even spur Anonymous to hack more Spanish assets. As
Information security expert John D’Arcy (professor it IT management at Notre
Dame University) remarked, “This will have little overall impact in terms
of the slowing down the hacking group. Historically, hackers have received very
light sentences (compared to other convicted felons) and often times these
cases get hung up in courts because there is little in terms of legal precedent
for computer-type crimes.” D’Arcy also noted “many of the folks
involved in this hacking group are minors” which, to some degree, protects
them from arrest or overly serious legal consequences.

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