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Student Perspective: Conor McGrath (MSBA ’21)

Published: April 15, 2021 / Author: Conor McGrath

Say hello to Conor McGrath, a student in our residential Master of Science in Business Analytics program. Conor shares why he chose Notre Dame’s MSBA program, how professors and resources supported his growth, and the program’s emphasis on growing the good through ethical decision-making.


A business education rooted in ethics

From my time in the MSBA program, I have learned that I have a responsibility to think about how the decisions I make as a business leader can have far-reaching, real-world implications. This realization will help me effect positive change in the world as I’ll not only be more cognizant of the impact my decisions have, but I’ll also be more aware of the biases that may exist in the data used to make those decisions.

I chose to pursue my MSBA at Mendoza mainly because of the strong emphasis on ethical decision-making. Mendoza’s motto of “Growing the Good in Business” really resonated with me and I found an education rooted in ethics to be especially important and relevant, particularly in regards to business analytics.

Choosing Notre Dame’s MSBA program

Conor McGrath, a student in our residential MSBA program's Class of 2021.

August 13, 2020; (Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame)

I chose Notre Dame to pursue my MSBA because of its long history and tradition. As someone who comes from a large Irish Catholic family, I had always dreamt of attending Notre Dame and the MSBA program has made that dream a reality.

To someone who might be considering the MSBA program, I would say don’t underestimate the value of what the program can bring to you outside of the traditional curriculum. You have so much to gain from the program in terms of career development, outside projects and groups, and lifelong connections with students, professors, and the most passionate alumni base in the world.

Resources for continued growth

As a student at Mendoza, I’ve found online resources such as Data Camp and Linkedin Learning to be great supplements to my in-person learning.

I would highly recommend applying for the Adobe Analytics Competition. Two other MSBA students and I have applied for the competition as a team and Professor Sharif Nijim has offered to be our mentor for the project. The competition is a great way to demonstrate analytical skills gained in classes to generate actual insights on real life data for a top company.

Data Visualization with Professor Brandon Erlacher has been my favorite class so far. This class has helped my growth as a business leader by teaching me the importance of clearly communicating insights, both visually and orally, in a way that is ethical and transparent.

Prepared for what comes next

After the MSBA, I plan on pursuing a career in commercial real estate investing. Having developed my analytical skills at Mendoza, I feel prepared to generate insights that can lead to better investment decisions. I am especially excited to use my skills and knowledge gained at Mendoza in a field where the use of data analytics is emerging.