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Tailgating fans have recipes for fun

Published: October 2, 2012 / Author: Alexis Larsen

Tailgating has become its own sport.

The Tailgating Industry Association estimates that the pasttime accounts for more than $20 billion in annual sales. Some estimates say that close to 50 million people will participate in some kind of tailgating activity this season.

Tailgating season is in full swing at this point in the year, with football teams, from the pros to prep schools, hitting fields.

A recent study titled “A Cultural Analysis of Tailgating” concludes that tailgating is “a very complex social, community-building exercise.” The study is by University of Notre Dame marketing professor and cultural anthropologist John Sherry and Tonya Bradford, assistant professor of marketing at Notre Dame.

Sherry said, “Tailgating is all fan-generated. They understand it as a contribution to the team’s victory. They are literally surrounding the stadium with their expressions of loyalty and love, and it’s much more communal.”

Many in southern Ohio are inclined to agree.

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