Mendoza School of Business

Teaching a deeper meaning

Published: January 18, 2010 / Author: Gene Stowe

This article was published originally in the Jan. 18 issue of Tribune Business Weekly.

Wherever he goes, personal finance expert Carl Ackermann finds audiences eager to learn how to accumulate more wealth during their lifetime, partly by avoiding financial advisers’ high fees.

When he turns to talking about what they’re going to do with all that money, recommending socially responsible ways to give back, most of the audiences fall silent, with the few philanthropically focused listeners cowed by the consumption crowd.

Except at the University of Notre Dame.

“The students are so different here,” marvels Ackermann, an associate professional specialist in finance who came to Notre Dame in 1998 and spent the 2004-2005 year back at UNC where he earned his Ph.D. in 2000. “Here, there’s a deeper meaning, a higher purpose to the work that we do.”

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