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That Jerk at Work May Get Paid More Than You

Published: August 16, 2011 / Author: Cindy Perman

The following is an
excerpt from an article on that discusses
Management Professor Tim Judge’s research on how
agreeable workers
earn significantly lower incomes than less agreeable ones.  To read the entire article visit:
 That Jerk at Work May Get Paid More Than You.

They say nice guys finish last and, despite
your mom’s protests, that may actually be true.

New research that used
“agreeableness” as the gauge found that men who ranked below-average
on the agreeable scale actually get paid more than their nice-guy counterparts.

A lot more—18
percent, or nearly $10,000 a year, more, to be exact, according to the findings
of researchers at Cornell University, the University of Notre Dame and the
University of Western Ontario.

And, no matter what
people say about “mean girls,” when it comes to the workplace, women who score
low on the agreeable chart earn about 5 percent, or nearly $2,000, more than
their nice-girl counterparts.

But don’t go cursing
the office jerk just yet.



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