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The Internet of Things Incubating in University Labs

Published: August 7, 2013 / Author: Tommy Peterson

Machine-to-machine (M2M) networks already are ¬changing the way we live and do business. Examples abound: Radio-frequency identification technology has revolutionized ¬supply chains. Networked sensors feed health information to real-time analytic applications that can save lives. Building sensors, devices and infrastructure applications exchange information to reduce energy use and secure facilities.

Each of those implementations represents the first steps toward a true Internet of Things (IoT) — joining those billions of devices, from robots on factory floors to coffeemakers in family kitchens, that are equipped with microprocessors and Internet connections. Despite rapidly multiplying ¬examples of M2M ¬communication at work, realizing the promise of the IoT will require much more time and research, says analyst and ¬technology writer Brian Proffitt.

“Reaping the benefits of large-scale, machine-to-machine ¬communications is orders of magnitude more complicated than the deployments that exist today,” says Proffitt, who also is an adjunct professor in the University of Notre Dame’s ¬Mendoza College of Business.

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