Mendoza School of Business

UAW, expert says AM General plan to sell St. Joseph County plant saves jobs

Published: June 22, 2017 / Author: WSBT TV

Jeffrey Bergstrand

Preserving American auto jobs is part of a big announcement tonight from A.M. General.

A China-owned company will acquire the St. Joseph County commercial assembly plant.

Reuters reports the deal is worth $100 million. This could save more than 400 jobs.


Jeffrey Bergstrand with Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business says the move is saving jobs.

“If you have any investor, whether that investor is from Texas or California or from China, they are preserving the financial capital in that firm and keeping those jobs afloat for the foreseeable future,” Bergstrand said.

Bergstrand says more companies across the world are making big foreign investments.

“In our increasingly global economy, that difference matters less and less because whether it is a domestic firm or a foreign firm coming here, they are regulated by the standards of the host country, and that’s the United States, and that’s what ultimately protects workers’ rights,” Bergstrand said.

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