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University of Notre Dame Professor says cheating common on campuses

Published: December 4, 2010 / Author: Julysa Sosa

Seventy-five percent of students say they have engaged in minor cheating such as copying or making up work, and about 50 percent say they have engaged in serious cheating including exams and major projects.

Dr. Carolyn Woo, dean of the business college at the University of Notre Dame, talked about the nation’s ethical line slipping Nov. 11 in the Sky Room of the McCombs Center at the University of the Incarnate Word.

The findings of cheating were achieved through studies done within the business college.

She said cheating is one of the biggest problems on campuses around the nation, including the popular mindset that makes cheating acceptable.

“It’s the whole idea of no harm done,” she said. “The means of cheating becomes a noble end.”

Woo explained how the illusion that everyone does it creates a when-in-Rome type of thinking that makes it OK to cheat if everyone else is.

“If there is a sort of self-agreement, it’s OK” she said.

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