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Webinar featuring Professor Barry Keating

Published: June 4, 2007 / Author: Mendoza College

John Galt Solutions and the Institute of Business Forecasting have joined forces to present a free webinar entitled “How to Grow a Forecasting Process” on June 12 at 11:00 EDT. The event is part of an ongoing educational series sponsored by John Galt Solutions, the leading provider of affordable planning solutions for the consumer-driven supply chain.

The webinar will feature University of Notre Dame professor Barry Keating, author of the best-selling forecasting textbook used in colleges and universities. Dr. Keating will outline the process, participants, tools and data required to create a highly accurate forecast.

Founded on the principle of right-sized solutions, John Galt helps companies find the best starting point and then teaches them how to grow as needed to increase forecast accuracy, optimize inventory levels and maximize supply chain performance.

Webinar participants will: — Learn what the statistics and accuracy measurements convey… and what they don’t. — Gain a better understanding of the “forecastability” of their products. — Be able to identify who should collaborate in the forecasting process. — Determine what type of input is needed for effective forecasting.

Webinar speaker Professor Barry Keating is the Jesse H. Jones Professor of Business Economics at the University of Notre Dame. A well-known authority on supply chain forecasting, Professor Keating has published more than 80 articles for professional journals and business publications. He is a Heritage Foundation Fellow and a Heartland Institute Research Fellow.

Pre-registration for the webinar is required. Visit for details.



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