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Published: January 26, 2006 / Author: Ed Writer

SOUTH BEND — He’s the guy who made 24-hour printing and copying accessible to the nation and on Friday, he’ll be getting down to business with students at the University of Notre Dame.

Paul Orfalea, founder and chairperson emeritus of Kinko’s Inc., the chain of round-the-clock office services stores, will lead off the Mendoza College of Business’ Boardroom Insights seminar series.

The event gets under way at 10:40 a.m. Friday in the Jordan Auditorium at the college.

The series is different than other guest-speaking events in that college officials will not assign the speaker an academic subject.

“This is the practical application of business,” said Samuel Gaglio, assistant dean for undergraduate administration. “It’s a real-world ‘what’s happening in the board room right now.’ “Gaglio said the auditorium seats about 350 people and almost that many students have signed up for the seminar series, which is offered to undergraduates as a class.

Extra seating will likely be brought in to accommodate members of the public, who are welcome to show up and listen in.

Gaglio said he and the students are excited about the series.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get people to come to listen to speakers,” he said.

Not a problem this time, Gaglio said.The speakers, too, were eager to come and talk about topics of their own choosing, Gaglio said.

All* of the events in the series will be held on Fridays in Jordan Auditorium and commence at 10:40 a.m. (note: the March 3rd lecture will take place in the Eck Alumni Center Auditorium)

Other speakers in the series are:

Feb. 3: Deborah DeHaas, vice chairwoman and regional managing partner of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP Midwest

Feb. 10: Tim Kenesey, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway’s Medical Protective

Feb. 17: Jack Griffin, president of Meredith Publishing group

Feb. 24: Timothy Sutherland, CEO of Pace Global Energy Services

*March 3: James McKenna, president and CEO, Pacific Maritime Association (Mr. McKenna will speak in the Eck Alumni Center Auditorium at 10:40 a.m.)

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