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Ask a Notre Dame Business Dean

Published: August 4, 2010 / Author: Natalie Dillon

The following excerpt from Today’s Chicago Woman talks with Dean Carolyn Woo on how MBAs give womena and entrepreneurs a leg up.  To read the entire column, visit:

In what ways will an MBA better a woman who seeks a career in business?

Women will develop analytical and managerial skills to apply to their work, gain superior credentials and have the opportunity to expand their network of people they can refer to down the road.

What can a woman learn in graduate school that she can’t learn in her career?

In a career, you learn by experience, but in graduate school, you can learn to penetrate a problem from more angles. It introduces you to a new conceptual framework, and school is a safe place to try out new ideas.

In what ways is an MBA program more beneficial than a business certificate program?

If nothing else, it gives you more time to network and build friendships. The education you get is more comprehensive, with more depth, breadth and rigor. There are higher standards for more credibility.


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