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Cook may find it hard to sustain Apple culture

Published: August 25, 2011 / Author: Jessica Mintz

The following is an excerpt from that quotes Management Professor Mike Mannor about Steve Job’s resignation as CEO of Apple. To read the entire article visit: Cook may find it hard to sustain Apple culture

The departure of Steve Jobs as Apple’s CEO raises the question of whether the company will see changes in its famously insular corporate culture, one that places a premium on secrecy, opaqueness and a go-it-alone approach.

So far, new CEO Tim Cook is promising to leave the culture unchanged, but that may be a tall order at a company whose identity is so closely tied up with that of its co-founder and longtime CEO.

Jobs is the prodigy who helped build the first iconic personal computer, was cast out and then returned to build Apple into one of the world’s most valuable companies with his insistence on sleek design and attention to even the most minute details of user experience. And he did it all under a cloak of secrecy that only enhanced the products’ appeal.

This story also appeared in Today News and Newsvine.


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