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iPads For All: 5 Technologically Decked-Out Schools You Wish You Went To

Published: September 2, 2010 / Author: Ariel Schwartz

Gone are the days when a decent education alone lured college applicants. Now it’s all about who’s got the best gadget giveaways. Below, five college campuses with the goods to get the geeks.

The University of Notre Dame

As part of a year-long study of e-readers, Notre Dame is debuting the university’s first paperless course. The Project Management class, which began on August 24, is being taught using iPads as a replacement for textbooks. All 40 students will get to use iPads for the duration of the class, with one caveat: They have to give them back at the end. Ultimately, Notre Dame hopes that its experiment can help generate an “ePublishing ecosystem,” where faculty and students can quickly share electronic texts.

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