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More Summer Reading for Business Students

Published: June 2, 2011 / Author: Geoff Gloeckler

Bloomberg Businessweek recently asked professors at top business
schools to share their recommendations for reading materials that will help
undergraduate business and MBA students prepare for the school year – and
beyond. The lists professors wrote included everything from literature to
grammar manuals, all with the purpose of broadening the student’s horizons and
better understanding the world they will enter after graduation. There were too
many titles to mention in the feature story, so this blog highlights some of the
other books that sounded too interesting or practical to pass up. Here’s a
roundup of other books on the summer reading list for business students and the
reasons professors included them, according to their e-mailed responses:


How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One (Harper, January 2011) by
Stanley Fish

“Fish offers a sensible and easy-to-read explanation of how
effective self-expression begins not with paragraphs or large ideas, but with
the composition of a single sentence,” writes James S. O’Rourke, IV, concurrent
professor of management at University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

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