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Notre Dame MBA Course Honored as “Innovative”

Published: September 2, 2010 / Author: Mendoza College

Through the Business on the Frontlines course, University of Notre Dame MBA students have the opportunity to study a different kind of subject matter that cannot be written in a book: real life in countries trying to rebuild their economies after a war or violent conflict. The aim is to examine the role of business as these countries attempt to restart their economic growth in order to create the wealth needed to pull their populations out of poverty and stabilize society.

The course recently was selected by as one of the Ten Most Innovative Business School Classes.

“Business on the Front Lines is actually a journey of discovery,” said Viva O. Bartkus, associate management professor at the Mendoza College of Business, who teaches the course. “There aren’t actually that many books written on what has been the impact in business in post-conflict societies. This course really does require time on the ground to spend time with business, civic and religious leaders to try to begin to understand what has been the role of business in specific countries.”

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