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Student Perspective: Reed Patterson (MSBA ’21)

Published: August 3, 2020 / Author: Reed Patterson

Reed Patterson, a 2021 Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) candidate, details his decision to pursue his degree at Notre Dame’s Chicago campus, and the support he’s received amid the global pandemic.


Why did you choose to pursue a business analytics degree?

I chose to pursue a business analytics degree because I know that this program will teach me valuable skills that the workplace demands. Every industry has a technological component to it. Whether I am taking Professor Mike Chapple’s Data Management course, or exploring machine learning and time series analysis – even if I do not become an expert in any of these subjects, knowing the principles and concepts of each is important.

What obstacles or challenges have you overcome throughout your student journey, and how did you find success despite them?

The toughest challenge during this program has been the shift from in-class to online, mostly because I miss seeing the cohort in person. Notre Dame has made this transition seamless. Every professor and program coordinator has been extremely proactive because they understand each of the students’ needs, and are willing to offer up solutions and flexibility where applicable. It is very obvious that this program cares about each individual from day one.

What lessons have you learned about yourself while in the MSBA program?
What have your peers taught you, that you might not have gleaned otherwise?

This program is challenging and demanding, but you are not alone. The group format that this program approaches is what makes it unique and rewarding. No matter if you are having a good week or a bad week, your cohort and team are always there to help. The diversity in skill sets among the program is very well balanced. Each of my team members contributes something unique from their own toolkit and I find myself learning from them almost as much as I am learning from the professors in class.

Why did you choose Notre Dame, specifically the Chicago-based program, to pursue your M.S. in Business Analytics?

I chose to pursue a business analytics degree because of the industry trends and relevance I have personally seen in the workplace. Furthering my technical knowledge and skill set within the MSBA Chicago program was invaluable. Notre Dame understands the job market and where businesses are headed; each year they re-assess and refine what they are teaching to make sure the program is performing at its peak. I have also been impressed with the feedback taken and implemented by past and current students, making the Notre Dame experience better each year.

What would you say to others who might be considering Notre Dame’s MSBA Chicago program?

Engage deeply in the admissions process and figure out if this program is the right fit for you. The admissions team provides more information than you could ever ask for, which was very helpful in my decision to pursue my degree at Notre Dame. The detail and passion that Mike Chapple has for the MSBA Chicago program is astounding.

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