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A Fast Track to Growing the Good: Robert Armstrong (MBA ’21)

Published: October 19, 2020 / Author: Robert Armstrong

One-Year MBA candidate Robert Armstrong (MBA ’21) shares how Mendoza’s strong community of mutual advancement is preparing him to grow the good in business.

Fast-Tracking to Advancement

The return on investment of the [One-Year] MBA program at Notre Dame is second-to-none. As someone who was looking for a fast-paced program with ample outlets for career advancement, the one-year program fit my needs. I value lifelong connections and relationships, and Mendoza offered a network of alumni that gladly go above and beyond for students and fellow Domers.

I would advise all prospective students to consider their own personal value proposition. The One-Year MBA program will give you all the skills you need to succeed, but a clear definitive goal and a hunger to attack a fast-paced program is imperative.

The program has defined that I need to work at a company where I feel I can positively affect those around me. From our summer semester, our leadership class with Professor Mike Crant, Ph.D., drove home many skills and values that good leaders possess.

Looking back on my career prior to joining the program, I have been able to pinpoint areas where I need to focus on personal growth. Combining the core proposition of growing the good in business with the strategic leadership skills that have been instilled in our class will be a key differentiator against my peers in the workforce.

Amid a Global Crisis, a Strong Community

The community at Mendoza has been unbelievable. I was wary about the experience we would receive while in the program due to COVID-19, but every single student and faculty member in the program has completely bought into making this a memorable and safe environment.

I have been amazed at how the class has come together as a close-knit family while facing an unconventional environment. The true value is the community that Notre Dame creates.

Notre Dame is truly family. I would encourage anyone considering Mendoza to come in with an open mind, as I have created life-long relationships that will carry forward both personally and professionally in a short period of time. Classmates that I thought may have never been my friends due to different perspectives have become close friends and have truly challenged me to improve in all areas of life.

“Every Moment in Life is a Chance to Grow the Good”

Our faculty have taught us the importance of not only what is right, but how to identify when things are not right. This philosophy will be a pillar for me both personally and professionally moving forward, in order to positively influence the world.

It is easy to grow accustomed to routine and precedent. Mendoza has taught me to not accept a narrative from the exterior and to find out how businesses can improve the lives of all stakeholders, regardless of industry.

“Growing the good in business” is more than a career decision or a business school mantra. Mendoza’s faculty have ingrained in me that every moment in life is a chance to grow the good.

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